Established in 2002, YellowTree has become one of the leading contractors in interior & exterior design and production in Cambodia. We take pride in producing fine quality finishings with extensive experience and professionalism.

We provide designs with functionality and comfort in mind to create environments that are practical and dynamic. Products are provided after consultation with clients and are tailored to meet expectations and budget. We build-to-fit, regardless of size, maximize the use of available space and are mindful of both our clients and our own high standards and quality.

We work with international and local clients and have a proud record of projects completed to the highest of standards.


What can we do for you?



Design your passion.

YellowTree specialises in interior and exterior design for commercial spaces. Our teams use intelligent-design methods to solve some of the most complex projects. YellowTree excels by combining beautiful design capabilities with world-class engineering expertise and adapt it with the clients' branding philosophy.




Build what you love

Our teams have experience constructing the highest quality structures. We place ourselves at the intersection of design, construction and technology, leading to better, more beautiful, cost-efficient projects.



Mechanical & Electrical

Stay connected.

Whether it's laying high-quality wiring for the latest IT networks or developing a beautiful new lighting scheme to highlight your products, YellowTree brings a wide range of capabilities to any job requiring mechanical or electrical planning and development.



Production & Fitout

Enjoy your space.

Making a space look and feel complete is absolutely crucial. Whether it's finding the most appropriate furniture or choosing a finely-balanced colour scheme, our teams help you envisage the ideal setup for your needs and bring those ideas to fruition.